1. Whether or not the product you need repaired is within the product warranty period, you must provide the product's warranty card complete with the stamp of the dealer and the date of sale or the purchase receipt as a proof. Meanwhile, please make sure that you send the letter of guarantee or proof of purchase back to our company in accordance with the specified procedures for confirmation.
  2. The warranty does not cover accidental damages. We will confirm with you the repairs necessary prior to proceeding. Both repair fees and material costs will be charged.
  3. For products that are not covered by the warranty or if the warranty period has expired, the inspection fee and freight will still be charged if the consumer chooses not to proceed with repairs after quotation. The company will charge for the repair and material costs after receiving confirmation to proceed with repairs. The company will not return replaced parts within the warranty period. The repaired product can be re-adjusted or repaired again for free within three months from the date of retrieval (the warranty period for replaced parts is three months).
  4. All expenses incurred during repair of products that are not covered by the warranty or outside the warranty period, including inspection fees, freight, repair fees, and material costs, will be charged, and the product will be repaired immediately upon confirmation to proceed with the repair. Payment of the above-mentioned costs related to maintenance will be collected by the entrusting authorized logistics company upon delivery or remitted to the designated account.
  5. After our company accepts your application for repair, please make sure that the product you send for repairs has been packed properly, complete with accessories packaged appropriately to avoid contamination or damage during transportation. Damages incurred to the product are subject to the determination made by our company based on the condition of the product when we receive it.
  6. The warranty does not cover loss or damage to your product during transportation. Since it is the logistics company’s responsibility and liability for handling and compensating for loss or damage , please make sure that you keep the delivery receipt provided by the logistics company.
  7. Should there by a delay in repairs due to a shortage of materials, the maintenance period may be extended past the estimated completion date. We will do our best to communicate any delays to you and appreciate your patience.
  8. All kinds of products and service parts provided by our company come with a certain fixed number of years as back-stock. After this period, we will try to replace them with parts that are similar to the specifications of the current production product. If it is no longer available, our after-service staff will try to explain the issue to the customer in detail before reaching an understanding. If product repairs not covered by the warranty or if the warranty period has expired, the maintenance service may be delayed while we provide a quotation, payment, or for other reasons.
  9. Privacy is essential, and it is our company’s responsibility to treat your personal data carefully, with proper management and protective measures. Under normal circumstances, apart from disclosure to relevant logistics and service units, the information you provide will not be disclosed to any unrelated third party without your prior consent, except where the law, regulations, or judicial orders require disclosure.



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