Mr. Chiu Chi-Ming, who founded Cheng Seng in 1959, dedicated his life to the market development of importing and distributing professional photography equipment and photographic processing facilities by introducing famous brands from Japan, Europe, and the United States to Taiwan for sale, foreseeing Taiwan’s economic miracle with a precise and unique vision. Along with the original and exclusive guideline for management to advance with the times, Cheng Seng was led to achieve its sustainable operation goals based on visionary thinking and honesty. After transforming into Cheng Seng Group in 1984, Mr. David Chiu took charge of the development of external business operations and marketing services: aside from acting as a distributor of professional recording and photographic equipment from various countries, the company also set up a professional technical service center and sent personnel overseas to participate in exhibitions, expositions and seminars in countries all over the world so they could continuously accumulate new knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the industry and personally franchise the most advanced film and lighting products in line with market demand. In 2009, to manage market exploitation of the business and development of strategic direction, the company moved its headquarters to “Taipei Technology City” and expanded operations of the most complete technical maintenance center in Taiwan and Asia. Having been granted a certificate and power of attorney by the original foreign manufacturers, the list of which includes ARRI, SACHTLER, Manfrotto, Cooke, Broncolor, Kino Flo, KOTO, ZEISS, and DJI, the technical maintenance center therefore started offering specialized services to the majority of users.


As well as Cheng Seng Group's development in the industry and of industry channels comprising photographic equipment, the exploitation of the digital photography market, and the professional film and television industry, the current scope of Cheng Seng Group's business also covers regional channels that extend from Taiwan to Greater China and Asia-Pacific. Comprehensive development based on strategic integration in all directions makes Cheng Seng the most reliable business partner for domestic customers and foreign manufacturers. Its business has stretched over China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with the largest film and television e-commerce platform in the Asia-Pacific region to serve and satisfy the demands of all users.


For over half a century, Cheng Seng Group has turned intangible time into tangible achievements and has always been expanding and growing one step at a time. Sixty-one years has passed since its establishment, and it will continue to keep up with global trends and changes and look to the future. We will continue to make improvements by sparing no efforts in providing high-quality services and importing high-quality technology products to our customers. Let's work together to create another great century for Cheng Seng Group.



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