Year of establishment



Mr. Chiu Chi-Ming


Mr. David Chiu

General Manager

Mr. David Chiu

Number of employees

120 people

Management team

General administration office/
Branch office/
General accounting department/
Project department/
Business and sales department/
Export department/
Marketing department/
Technical service center/
logistics department/
Beijing branch office/
Hong Kong branch office

Major service items

.Consumer photographic equipment –
    Tripod/tripod head/filter/camera bag/gear and carrying case/photography accessories

Digital photography equipment –
    Drone/strobe light/flashlight/lamp bracket/suspension

Broadcasting and audio-visual equipment –
    Professional broadcasting equipment/film and television lighting/video recording equipment

Audio equipment series –
    Microphones/headphones/studio monitor/recording equipment and pickup unit

Lighting system –
    Film and stage lighting/LED lights/cold light lamps/professional light bulbs

Film and advertising equipment –
    Film digital camera/professional cameras and lens/tripod and tripod heads/production equipment

Core values

Genuine honesty and sincerity, outstanding innovation, professional efficiency, and sustainable development

Corporate vision

Expand the business across Asia-Pacific, and , become the leader of the film and television market in Asia


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