Since 1959

Having kept a foothold in the business for more than half a century, Cheng Seng Group, which was established in 1959, has become a leading enterprise in the photography and film and television market. Since the original founder, Mr. Chiu Chi-Ming, initially established Cheng Seng Trading Co., Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan, the company has been operating an X-ray medicinal materials business while distributing darkroom photographic processing facilities. The company holds fast to the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, professionalism, and service”. Long-term development plans and objectives have been drawn up and formulated to expand the scope of business; it focuses on exploitation and development of new markets for film and television. Nowadays, with new trends of digital audio and video becoming more and more popular, the company has transformed into the “Cheng Seng Group” and thereby developed itself into an international group which has successfully expanded its business into the photography and film and television industry with the acquisition of dealerships with more than 100 brands, continuing to create a great future by staying cutting-edge.


The transformation of Cheng Seng Group began with the expansion and capital increase in 1984. At that time, Mr. David Chiu, who was serving as CEO of the group, began to significantly expand the business scope from the photography and darkroom photographic processing market to the specialized field of photography by becoming a distributor that imported audiovisual aids, transmitting facilities and lighting equipment of all kinds of famous professional brands from Europe and the United States. As the country started opening up to cable television stations, the market of specialized film and television thrived and flourished. Professional film and television broadcasting equipment and consumer digital products were specially introduced, followed by the expansion of sales and distribution and diversified management of the digital image industry. This greatly improved the reputation and visibility of the brand in the Taiwanese market, making Cheng Seng a leading company in the film and television market.


With the advancement of science and technology, the threshold of image and video shooting and recording has become more and more generalized. The advent of the era of the internet accompanied by the global trend of digital life has also stimulated demand for content production of plane images and motion videos, with the range of application growing extensively and pushing the borders of the market further. The transformation of Cheng Seng Trading Co., Ltd. into “Cheng Seng Group” was a new milestone. The group continues to place emphasis on making significant progress in Greater China while marching towards ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions. A variety of the most advanced and world-renowned emerging brands have also been introduced: from commodity shooting at early stages to the late-stage professional editing system, new media, live stream, and podcast equipment are all part and parcel to provide a one-stop-shop for the best film and television solutions to all customers.



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