Mr. Chi-Ming Chiu, also known as Kuocheng, born in 1908 in Yongchun County, Fujian Province, was engaged in cloth business and retailing industry in Fujian, Quangzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai in his early times, and moved to and settled in Taiwan formally in 1949.Mr. Chi-Ming Chiu established CHENG SENG TRADING CO., LTD. in Taipei, Taiwan in 1959. With accurate and unique vision, he was as an agent committed to import of professional photographic, developing & printing equipment for market development, introducing famous brands from Japan and western countries to sell in Taiwan market.

The founder,Mr. Chi-Ming Chiu not only had the spirit of creation and development in business, but also had been working his best in social affairs, upholding the spirit of “taking from the community and giving back the community” to repay his native place. In addition to building a bridge in his hometown, Yongchun, Fujian, he established the “Chiu Chi-Ming Education Scholarships Fund” to found Yongchun High/ Elementary Schools that students do not need attend schools in other places with a long journey. He made relief to the lonely, the elderly and the poor every year. Not only his all kinds of good deeds were praised by folks, but also he was awarded the Representative of Good Deeds and Good People by Taipei City Government.

Looking at the life of the founder, his lifestyle of being exercised self-discipline, tolerant of others, and industrious, simple, and ethical spirit to associate with people deeply influence every one. His spirit will be succeeded by the people of CHENG SENG continuing to shine forever.
Mr. Chi-Ming Chiu