1959 “CHENG SENG TRADING CO., LTD. ” was established as an agent to import X-ray medical equipment.
1962 Entered in photography and darkroom developing and printing equipment market to introduce famous Japanese brands for marketing.
Became agent of Japan TOSHIBA brand photo filters, lenses, flashes, batteries and accessories.
Became agent of Japan LPL brand darkroom print equipments, enlargers, copy stands and lighting equipments.
Became agent of Japan SUEHIRO brand photo equipment.

1969 CHENG SENG was expanded to a five-floor office building.
1970 Speedy growth of business led to capital increase as well as expansion of importing agent brands.
Became agent of Japan HAKUBA brand photo equipments, tripods, filters and accessories
Became agent of Japan SICOR brand teleplus.
Became agent of Japan ACE brand video lens.

1981 After the founder retired, Michelle Chen as the chairperson succeeded to manage this company, formulating long-term development plan for new market of film and TV.
1984 Along with capital increase, the organization of business departments expanded; David Chiu acted as Managing Director, handling the import business of lighting and audiovisual equipments.
Became agent of Germany ZEISS brand slide projectors and telescopes.
Became agent of Germany JOBO brand professional brand print equipments and enlargers.
Became agent of Germany QUICK POINT brand slides and slide mount machine.
Became agent of Germany CULLMANN brand photo tripods and bags.
Became agent of Italy SOPAR brand projector screen.
Became agent of Japan LION brand projecting equipments.
Became agent of Japan UN brand photography equipments.
Imported Japan TOSHIBA brand electronic moisture-proof cases.
Imported FUJI, OSRAM, GE brand bulbs for photography.

1992 With the opening of Taiwan cable TV market and the development program of Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, we introduced professional digital, lighting and imaging products for TV and film industries.
1995 Coordinating with foreign suppliers, we entered China for developing TV and film markets and for providing services to Taiwanese-owned film rental houses in China.
1996 Together with foreign suppliers, we started to hold seminars in Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai.
Became agent of Germany ARRI brand lighting equipments.
Became agent of Italy Manfrotto brand professional photo/ video tripods.
Became agent of Italy Avenger brand lighting stands.
Became agent of U.S.A. KINO FLO brand fluorescent lights for film/ TV broadcasting.
Became agent of U.S.A. TIFFEN brand MPTV filters.
Became agent of Germany DEDOLIGHT brand lights for commercial films.
Became agent of Japan KOTO brand HMI bulbs for film/ TV broadcasting.
Became agent of Japan KENKO brand filters, lenses, flash meters and photo equipments.
Became agent of U.K. LEE FILTERS brand gels and filters.
Became agent of Switzerland ELINCHROM brand professional strobes for studios.
Became agent of France TRANSVIDEO, U.S.A. CHIMERA, Italy IFF, U.S.A. PHOTOFLEX, Germany KAISER, Japan IDX and etc. brand equipments.

2000 Growing operation led to organizational expansion and capital increase, as well as establishment of overseas business department.
2002 Photography market developed from traditional photography toward digital photography.
2002 Exhibited annually at BIRTV, the largest TV broadcasting / film show in Beijing, CCBN, and participated TV and Film Annual Conferences.
2005 Established “Beijing Cheng Seng Trading Co. Ltd.” in Beijing, got agency for Great China Region for developing photography, film and TV markets in China.
Became agent of Switzerland BRONCOLOR brand professional strobe lights.
Became agent of Germany SACHTLER brand professional tripods and lights.
Became agent of U.S.A. PELICAN brand cases and lights.
Became agent of U.S.A. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC brand photo bags and tripods.
Became agent of U.S.A. LOWEL brand lighting equipments.
Became agent of U.S.A. DOMKE brand professional photo bags.
Became agent of U.S.A. JOBY brand tripods.
Became agent of U.S.A. LITEPANELS brand LED lights.
Became agent of U.S.A. O’CONNOR brand HD heads and tripods.s
Became agent of Israel LEAF brand professional digital camera backs.
Became agent of U.K. Ronford-Baker, Germany CHROSZIEL, Holland EGRIPMENT, Germany PANTHER, U.K. COOKE and etc brand equipments for film and TV broadcasting industries..

2009 With business expansion and new product development, the headquarter was moved to “Taipei Technology City,” which also led to expanded organization and established the most perfect technical service center of Taiwan in Asia region; was awarded the certification of authorization by foreign suppliers of ARRI, SACHTLER, MANFROTTO, BRONCOLOR and KINOFLO for providing professional technical service.
Coordinating with the extensive demands on commodities of China’ market and to meet the coming Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the Shanghai Office was established in order to strengthen the sale service in eastern and southern China regions.
2010 The goal of market operation: expand to import digital commodities and strengthen distribution channels, as well as move toward the development of stage, theatre lighting and entertainment market.